Words that raise the most and least money in online fundraising appeals

Here’s a really interesting item on the use of language in fundraising.

Personal statements that include the words Plz, Selfie, Xbox, Mixed Martial Arts & Glitter on JustGiving raise the least money for charities, whereas including Workmates, Solicitors, CEO, Mission, Improves, and Immeasurable raises the most, according to research from Insight-ful.

In fact, fundraisers who use the words Plz and Selfie in their personal statements raise a third of the average income raised, while those including Solicitors, CEO, Workmates, Mission, Improves, and Immeasurable were found to raise 13x more than the average.

The report “Why People Participate in Events Fundraising” also reveals that supporters of religious and disability charities raise on average the highest totals online whilst supporters of cancer research and animal charities raise on average the lowest totals online.

Raising money in lieu of gifts at weddings and in memory have the highest average income totals whilst giving in celebration and individual appeals raise the least.

Additionally the report also uncovers that 70% of all money raised on JustGiving is raised by 20% of fundraisers and fundraisers who personalise their JustGiving statements raise 3.4x more money than those who use the default statement on their page.

To uncover the motivations for why people take part in fundraising events, Insight-ful looked at the JustGiving statements of 200,000 event participants from the top 300 charities in the UK. The full findings can be downloaded from the link above.

Jonathan Cook, Director at Insight-ful, said:

Online giving websites allow us such a rich source of information, but charities only really look at the financial data available: income, number of participants, number of donations, Gift Aid etc…

On each and every online giving page though, the fundraiser outlines the exact reason why they are taking part in the event itself. We have developed an analysis tool that allowed us to study the 47million words found in 200,000 JustGiving statements to really understand the motivations of fundraisers from all charities.

By understanding why people take part in events, this analysis will allow charities to market their events to the right people in the right way. For example; discovering people take part in your walks because they are doing it in memory of someone they have lost will have immediate impact in how your charity can talk to its supporters about taking part in a sponsored walk.

We’re hoping this report will provide fundraisers with some really useful insight and will help them to hone their events marketing messaging.”

The report should be free to download from the Insight-ful website, but if you can’t access it and want a copy, email us at info@grin.coop and we’ll email it to you.

Source: UK Fundraising