“What’s Holding You Back?” – Clarity CIC’s blog for July considers some of the obstacles faced by not-for-profit organisations that inhibit their progress

Each month we publish topical and thought-provoking blogs by Clarity CIC and the Emma Beeston Consultancy on issues that are of interest to not-for-profit and charitable organisations.

Clarity’s blog for July is entitled “What’s Holding You Back?” and considers some of the barriers that are getting in the way of moving social purpose organisations forward.

“What’s holding you back?”

“We work with a lot of really passionate and dynamic people, who make things happen in their organisations every day.  But many could be doing far more…. we often support people to try something new or to take a deep breath and set up that meeting, ask that question, send out that survey or set up that new organisation.

“It got me thinking about what holds people back.  Sometimes its confidence.  Sometimes it’s a lack of knowledge or specific information.  But sometimes there appears to be no obvious reason why someone who is capable, committed and has great ideas isn’t taking that next step.  Then it’s about trying to spot what it is that is getting in their way – to break that down into smaller pieces and see if there is a way through.  It can be frustrating to see the potential in someone and their ideas, and the difference they could make for their clients (often very vulnerable individuals) – when they are getting in their own way of making it happen.

“Recently I spoke to a potential new client.  We talked about a lot of things but one of the main themes was around her worries about setting up the formal structure of an organisation that would then enable her to step up her work to the next level.  What she is doing is needed and works… and she’s already doing it – but taking that next step is a huge thing for her. 

“For me, that block to having more impact is being ‘visible’ – standing up and speaking to lots of people, or delivering that training session. I’m working on it (it may take a while yet!).

“What would help you to move that next step forwards – what’s the ‘big’ thing you’re not facing up to that’s stopping you making more impact?”

Clarity CIC enables social purpose organisations, including community groups, charities and social enterprises to be effective, sustainable and well-run. It helps organisations solve everyday problems, build their own capability, think and act strategically and demonstrate the value of their work.
Formed in 2014, Clarity CIC has now helped over 100 organisations across South West England. It has also worked with local authorities and other public bodies to build their relationships with the social purpose sector.