Useful resources to help UK not-for-profits and charities save money (part 1)

Charity Connect has compiled a compendium of top pro bono and free resources for third sector organisations. Each resource has been thoroughly researched  to ensure it is among the best available  resource or supplier of its type.  The list is particularly geared towards smaller charitable  organisations whose networks and resources are less developed.  We’re going to publish the resources available over the next three days, but if you’d like to see the full list, go to the Charity Connect website.

Founded in 2010, this non-profit, the largest international legal aid network of its kind in the world funded by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, connects non-profits with thousands of lawyers (over 120k) seeking to do pro bono work. The average time for obtaining legal counsel is one month and 95% of requests are matched to counsel. Please note, however, that this service is not for assisting not-for-profits with business advice, even though general commercial legal matters fall within the scope of services offered. Their excellent FAQs page explains the exact process.

The BeyondMe platform matches charities and non-profits to company volunteering teams. Corporations participating in the program include Expedia, Deloitte, KPMG, Barclays and PWC. Individual teams are eight business professionals and 143 teams have been created since the program’s inception in 2011. To begin, you must create an account and fill out a short application, then post a project explaining your needs and expectations. Once your project has been chosen by a team, they dedicate their time, money and skills to your organisation for one year. On average, teams donate £2,500 and 150 skilled volunteer hours during the year they assist a charity. Since the project’s inception, BeyondMe has donated more than £564,000 and assisted 84 charities. The basic numbers stated on their website (number of teams available to assist versus actual current projects) show that this platform and service are significantly underutilised by the third sector so far, despite the blue-chip calibre of its volunteers!

Founded in 1999, WCoMC is a London-based livery company for management consultants with a pro bono program giving non-profits and qualifying charities in London and the Southeast consulting and mentoring advice. With a team of roughly 200 senior management consultants from top firms, areas of expertise include strategic business planning, project management, finance and purchasing. After charities complete a short online application within the website, WCoMC members select a charity to work with. This matching process generally takes anywhere from two to six weeks. When we called the organisation for more information, we were assured emphatically that any charity or non-profit that meets the WCoMC guidelines will be granted pro bono assistance.

Reach Volunteering is an organisation which connects UK-based non-profits with skilled volunteers. Charities with an annual turnover of less than £1M can access their platform free in order to source volunteers from among 7,000 professionals specialising in fields including IT, finance, marketing and communications and the law. To use the platform, create an account and post a “volunteer opportunity”. Once a volunteer responds, you can communicate with them directly. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on location, time commitment to platform and the hours of volunteer work needed.

3Space is a charity offering free and substantially discounted office space (typically awaiting development approvals) across the UK to non-profits. The available stock is dependent on developers’ excess capacity at any given time and, therefore, changes, so you must apply and state your mission. Typical rental periods are between 6–18 months and you may have to move out quickly.

Source: Charity Checkout