UK Grant-making platform providing free access to data on grants goes live

UK Grantmaking, a collaborative project to develop a new platform bringing together data on grant-making in the UK is now live. collates and analyses information available on grants made in 2022-23, providing a free, interactive platform that showcases the data and insights on over £20bn of grants from across all grant-making sectors to the voluntary, community and social sectors.

The platform has been designed with interactive visualisations and tables that can be explored further, with the grant-making data searchable, sortable and downloadable. The data is openly available for people to use for their own purposes.

The research and analysis will be repeated annually with the intention that UK Grant-making will grow and evolve with each annual edition.

360Giving has shared some of the findings from the platform’s data, revealing that Foundation giving reached over £6.4bn in 2022-23 but that there was a 2% decrease in grant spending in real terms from the largest 100 funders providing grants to individuals.

The largest 300 Foundation grant-makers increased grant spending by 14%, a real terms increase of 3% when adjusted for inflation.

The data from regulators, funder accounts and data is published using the 360Giving Data Standard and the project is a collaboration between 360Giving, the Association of Charitable Foundations, the Association of Charitable OrganisationsUK Community Foundations and London Funders, supported by the Pears Foundation and CCLA.

UK Grant-making can be explored here.

Source: UK Fundraising