The Val Wood Prize for Creative Writing 2024 opens with the theme of “Letters to my Love” (deadline for entries: 31st August 2024)

Val Wood, also known as Valerie Wood, is a British author of historical romance novels. She has written over 25 novels, all set in and around the city of Kingston upon Hull. She was born in Castleford and lives in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Entries are now being accepted for The Val Wood Prize for Creative Writing 2024. The theme for 2024 is “Letters to my Love“. This can be a heartfelt letter to a significant other, an expression of unspoken feelings, or a unique voice. 

The deadline for entries is Saturday 31st August 2024. The competition is open to entries from  people aged 16 and over from any country.

The winner of the competition will receive £100 and a signed copy of a Val Wood book (title to be confirmed). The winning entry will be published on the Val Wood website and shared via various social media outlets.

There will be two further prizes and the winners will receive signed books upon it’s release in Winter 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

o The entry isn’t limited to just romance or love and any genre can be covered as long as it is not unnecessarily violent or gruesome and the subject of the competition is included. 
o The competition, is open to anyone over 16 years of age. 
o The competition is open to anyone in the world. 
o Entries must adhere to an overall word-count of 1,500 words. 
o Entrants are free to write freely as long as the theme is adhered to. Poetry will not be considered for the prize. 
o Entries must be typed on blank sheets in black font and no background images or patterns. It must be typed in Arial or Times New Roman with 1.5 line spacing. The competition is contact free and eco-friendly and all entries must be submitted by email.

Entries should demonstrate:

o Authenticity and Emotion: entries must attempt to convey genuine emotion and a deep sense of connection. Entries should be heartfelt and resonate with the reader, capturing the essence of love in all its forms.
o Creativity and Originality: submissions should be original and imaginative. The judges want to be surprised by unique perspectives, innovative narrative styles, or an unexpected twist!
o Strong Writing and Structure: entries should be well-crafted entries with clear structure and coherent flow. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and overall readability to ensure your entry stands out.
o Diverse Perspectives: love comes in many forms and experiences. Entries are encouraged that reflect diverse backgrounds, cultures, and types of relationships, celebrating the rich tapestry of love stories.
o Engagement and Impact: entries should engage the reader from the first sentence and leave a lasting impression. The judges want to feel the emotions entrants pour into their writing and be moved by their story.

For further information and details about how to enter the competition, please visit the Val Wood website.