THE SKATEROOM seeks applications from registered charities to support skatepark construction, community building initiatives, skill-building workshops, education and healthcare programs (application deadline: 31st December 2023)

Brussels-based social enterprise, THE SKATEROOM, whose mission is rooted in social impact, is seeking applications from registered charities across the world to support skatepark constructions, community building initiatives, skill-building workshops, education and healthcare programs. The programme is funded by the social enterprise donating at least 10% of sales from each skateboard art collection to a selected social partner (we may be wrong, but we understand that, from reading the information available, only one applicant will be selected for grant support).

The deadline for applications is Sunday 31st December 2023.

THE SKATEROOM will be providing funds from $10,000 up to $30,000 that will be distributed on a quarterly basis over the course of one year. This means that if your organisation is selected, you can expect to receive funding every three months, starting from February up until December.

Application’s will be reviewed in January 2024 and if you are selected you can expect to hear back from THE SKATEBOARD by the end of January 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

o Applying  organisations should be a registered charity. This status may look different from country to country (applications may be made from any country), but projects need to be able to show what kind of legal entity or status they hold in their country.
o Projects must respond to an existing need in the community.
o Projects must have a monitoring and evaluation framework or impact reporting system in place, and
o Projects must be able to maintain regular contact with THE SKATEROOM during the course of the partnership.

The following factors are paramount to THE SKATEROOM and organisation’s will be selected based on how clearly they demonstrate their ability to incorporate them into their mission and activities:

1. Gender Equity ensuring participation of girls and all gender expansive identities is a priority of each project through programming, initiatives, and staff representation.
2. Inclusion of Minority Populations identified minorities will change depending on the political context and geography of each location. Social partners must strive to break any social barriers that may prevent any participants from accessing their programming. Social partners must demonstrate action based initiatives that target persons facing any kind of social exclusion to encourage them to participate in their programs.
3. Economic Empowerment Social partners need to ensure the sustainability and longevity of their projects by demonstrating local investment, and
4. Project Sustainability Partners must demonstrate diversification of funding, short term and long term development goals, financial policy, and financial reserves. Investment in staff and capacity building is critical.

For further information, please visit THE SKATEROOM’s website.