The Right to Contest Scheme: How Businesses, Local Authorities and Members of the Public can challenge the UK Government to sell Land or Property

If you believe land or property is not needed and could be put to better economic use, then you can challenge the UK government by submitting a Right to Contest application

Anyone can use Right to Contest, including businesses, local authorities or members of the public, to challenge the government about a site, as long as they believe that all the following apply.

A. Land owned by a central government department or one of their arms’ length bodies

The site:

1. Is potentially surplus or redundant.
2. Could be put to better economic use, eg for housing or to help businesses develop or expand

Please note that you can use the Right to Contest to challenge central government sites which are in use, as long as you think that operations could be moved to a different location.

B, Land owned by a local authority or certain other public bodies

1. The site is empty or under-used
2. There are no plans to bring it back into use.

For further information about Right to Contest and to access the application form, please visit the GOV.UK website.