The London Mural Festival 2024: Call for Artists to be a part of the UK’s largest Street-Art and Graffiti Event (application deadline: 29th April 2024)

In August 2020, the UK’s leading painting company, Global Street Art, launched the first London Mural Festival, with over 200 artists from around the world painting across 75 different sites in 13 London boroughs. The London Mural Festival greatly contributed to the amount of public art across London while giving artists opportunities to showcase their work in public. Four years later, the vast majority of the murals from the first London Mural Festival remain.

In 2024, Global Street Art will host the second London Mural Festival, which promises to be one of the world’s biggest celebrations of street art. It hopes to help foster a sense of pride in where people live and to bring positivity, unity, and colour to the streets of London. We understand that artists don’t have to be based in London to participate in the event, but please check with Global Street Art for clarification.

The London Mural Festival will greatly contribute to the amount of public art across London while giving artists opportunities to showcase their work in public.

How long will the murals be there?

Murals will last as long as possible.

How are artists selected?

o London Mural Festival has an open application process. There is a simple form you can fill out, which makes the process simpler to manage. All data captured will be deleted after the festival, unless you explicitly wish to keep in touch through our mailing list.

o The selection process is managed by Global Street Art. During London Mural Festival, they will try to provide canvases for artists of all levels of experience at different stages in their careers. Some artists would like to paint large walls, and some artists would like to paint small walls. Global Street Arts will try to match artists with walls of appropriate sizes.

o There are a lot of blank walls across London. How many artists can participate depends on the number of new walls they are able to source, funding, and Global Street Arts’ ability to manage so many sites being painted simultaneously.

The deadline for entries is Monday 29th April 2024.

For further information, please visit the Global Street Art website.