The Levelling Up Fund – details of all Round 3 awards announced this week

The UK government’s announcement this week of Levelling Up Fund Round 3 awards appears to have taken some areas by surprise, as more information about the selection criteria was expected before awards were announced.

The £4.8 billion Levelling Up Fund is designed to invest in infrastructure that improves everyday life across the UK, including regenerating town centres and high streets, upgrading local transport, and investing in cultural and heritage assets.

The full list of Levelling Up Round 3 awards are:

o Birmingham (National Centre for Decarbonisation of Heat): £19,999,260.
o Blackpool (Blackpool Town Centre Access Scheme (TCAS): regeneration focused transport investment): £15,385,023).
o Bolton (Bolton Town Centre North Regeneration Project): £20,000,000.
o Bradford (Enhancing Keighley engineering, manufacturing, and economic role in the region): £19,814,140.
o Carmarthenshire (Regenerating Llanelli): £15,547,105.
o Cheltenham (National Cyber Innovation Centre): £20,000,000.
o Chorley (Town Centre Improvements and Civic Square Development): £20,000,000.
o Croydon (Reconnected Croydon): £18,498,777.
o Denbighshire (Tackling Deep Rooted Denbighshire Deprivation through Pride of Place & Natural Environment):£19,973,283.
o Doncaster (Levelling Up Doncaster North): £17,950,341.
o Dudley (Levelling Up Halesowen): £20,000,000.
o Dudley (Brierley Hill Education Quarter): £20,000,000.
o Dumfries and Galloway (Dumfries and Galloway Transport Bid): £13,752,000.
o Dumfries and Galloway*(with Scottish Borders and South Lanarkshire)          (Three Rivers Active Tourism Project): £22,809,416.
o Enfield (Levelling Up Angel Edmonton): £11,902,562.
o Glasgow City (Drumchapel Town Centre Regeneration): £14,979,646.
o Gloucester (Greyfriars Quarter Regeneration): £11,002,685.
o Gosport (Reconnecting Historic Gosport Waterfront): £18,117,915.
o Gravesham (St George’s Square): £20,000,000.
o Huddersfield (Open Market Regeneration Project (HOMH)): £16,649,855.
o Isle Of Wight (Island Green Link): £13,634,420.
o Kirklees (Penistone Line Rail Upgrade): £47,917,122.
o Leeds (Heart of Holbeck): £15,949,291.
o Leicester (Connecting St Margaret’s): £12,177,706.
o Manchester (Regenerating Wythenshawe Town Centre): £20,000,000.
o Moray (Elgin City Centre Masterplan: Levelling Up Moray): £18,291,000.
o Neath Port Talbot (Newbridge Active Travel Link and Dock Access):£12,166,268.
o Neath Port Talbot (Port Talbot Town Centre Regeneration): £14,835,600.
o Newark And Sherwood (Shaping Sherwood Revival): £19,995,358.
o Newcastle Upon Tyne (River Tyne Regeneration Infrastructure): £19,417,075.
o North Ayrshire* (with South Ayrshire)  (Levelling Up For Ayrshire: Commercial and Low Carbon Infrastructure): £37,456,821.
o North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe Town Centre Vibrancy): £15,867,608.
o Norwich (Mile Cross Health, Wellbeing and Economic Activity):         £7,583,515.
o Nottingham (Bulwell Town Centre Regeneration): £19,867,000.
o Pembrokeshire (Westgate to Eastgate: Levelling Up Pembroke Town): £10,543,627.
o Plymouth (Plymouth and South Devon Freeport (Freeport) Accelerating Plymouth Waterfront Regeneration): £19,946,417.
o Powys (Promoting recreational tourism in Powys through transport investment):  £17,714,498.
o Sandwell (Grove Lane):  £18,063,128.
o Sheffield (Parkwood Springs): £19,389,336.
o Somerset (A Vision for Tonedale 2022): £19,987,663.
o South Derbyshire (Swadlincote Town Centre): £1,108,000.
o South Lanarkshire (National Business District: Shawfield – Remediation and Development): £14,637,600
o South Tyneside (South Shields Riverside Transformation): £20,000,000.
o Stafford (Stafford Station Gateway): £19,998,144.
o Stockton-on-Tees (Stockton North – Billingham Town Centre): £20,000,000.
o Tameside (Destination Denton): £16,764,793.
o Test Valley (Andover Revealed): £18,316,968.
o Torbay (Brixham Fish and Hi Tech Chips): £20,000,000.
o Vale Of Glamorgan (Barry Making Waves – Y Barri Creu Tonnau): £19,856,251.
o Wakefield (The Ridings Wakefield): £15,255,684.
o Watford (Create Watford): £16,021,788.
o Westmorland and Furness (Heart of Kendal): £13,476,700.
o Wigan (Leigh Town Centre): £11,389,554.
o Wirral (Renewal of Liscard Town Centre): £10,788,000, and
o Wolverhampton (Green Innovation Corridor): £19,992,245.