The Challenged Athletes Programme: 2024 flagship grant programme now open to applications across the world (application deadline 3rd November 2023)

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is a charitable foundation in the United States of America with offices in San Francisco, New York and Boise in Idaho.  Applications are now open for the Foundation’s worldwide flagship grant programme to remove the barriers that exist between adaptive athletes and their pursuit of sport and fitness.

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd November 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

o Individuals worldwide with permanent physical disabilities are eligible to apply for the CAF grant. CAF uses the International Paralympic Committee classification standards as a guideline for the grant eligibility. An individual must have a permanent physical disability that can be classified within the IPC guidelines, and permanently impairs the mobility of the individual, affects the neuromuscular system, and/or impairs balance or motor control.
o Cognitive or developmental disabilities, chronic illnesses or pain syndromes, and strictly health related conditions do not meet CAF’s eligibility guidelines. Teams, organizations, etc. are also not eligible to apply.
o International Applicants can only apply for Sport Expense Grants.


CAF offers two grant categories. You may only choose one category to apply for.

1. Sport Expense Grant

o A Sport Expense Grant aims to cover any expenses associated with an athlete’s training, competitions, or equipment purchases and maintenance – max request $1,500. If awarded this grant, CAF will send you monetary funding that can be used for any of the following sports-related expenses:

> Minor/Small equipment purchases (expenses related to maintain, refurbish, or upgrade your adaptive equipment like handcycles, sport wheelchairs, bicycles, etc. or to purchase smaller equipment items that help you train or compete in sport.
> Coaching/Training Expenses (expenses related to specialized coaching, personal trainer, coach, gym fees, adaptive sports clinics, classes or lessons, etc.)
> Travel/Competition Expenses (expenses related to sport/athletic competitions, training camps, or clinics. These expenses may include entry fees and/or travel-related expenses to competitions for the athlete. If the athlete is under 18 or requires a guide, funds can be used towards expenses for one parent/guardian or guide. Travel related expenses can include transportation (fuel, rental car, flight, ride share, etc.), accommodations (hotel fees), and food.

2. Equipment Grant

o CAF is fortunate to work with some of the top equipment distributors in the world of adaptive sports. These preferred vendors offer CAF generous discounts for adaptive sports equipment. If awarded an equipment grant, CAF will provide you instructions on how to order your equipment through the vendor. The vendor will then bill CAF for the amount you were awarded. Applicant will not receive monetary funds.
o Applicants are eligible to apply for equipment grants every 3 years (if over 18) and every 2 years (if under 18).

For more information, please visit the Challenged Athletes Foundation website.