Swift Fundraising to offer new Funding Prospect Search service in October and November 2022

When you’re seeking to raise money through grants, a good Funding Prospect Search, identifying all the grant schemes that represent a good match against your project or services, can be invaluable, and often helps agencies pinpoint and secure much needed resources.  There are literally thousands of grant programmes available across the United Kingdom – we used to call it the ‘Funding Maze’ – each one focusing on a unique set of priorities.

An organisation we’ve known for many years and often refer not-for-profit organisations to, Swift Fundraising, have recently launched a new Funding Prospect Search service. If you’re interested in finding more out about this service, which is detailed below, please contact either Julie or Brenda at Swift to have a chat about how they can help your organisation. We’d also be grateful if you could forward the following to any charitable group or not-for-profit agencies that may be interested in finding more out about this opportunity..

Swift Fundraising operates primarily across the South West region (but also able to consider requests from other parts of the UK), Julie Ferris and Brenda Hare at Swift are vastly experienced fundraising practitioners and strategists with an impressive track record of helping voluntary sector organisations achieve their aims and realise their ambitions.


“Identifying suitable funding sources is time-consuming.

“At Swift Fundraising we often hear that charities have insufficient capacity to undertake
the necessary prospect research to support a successful fundraising programme.

“In October and November 2022 Swift Fundraising Limited is offering a Prospect Research Service to include:

o An informal consultation to identify the fundraising needs of the charity.
o The preparation of a comprehensive Trusts and Foundations research report with funding guidelines, grant range, deadlines for applications and other relevant information, and
o Optional ongoing support/mentoring (subject to additional fees).

Cost – £600 plus VAT.

For further details please contact: 

Julie Ferris, Director
Tel: 07894 523529
Email: admin@swift-fundraising.co.uk