September edition of the GRIN Grants Database available now

We’re circulating the latest edition of the GRIN Grants Database today.

The September 2021 edition includes:

o Over 1,000 general grant programmes.
o More than 250 grant-providers that specifically fund in the South West region, and
o A new ‘Key Word’ section, giving database users a 4th means of identifying suitable grant prospects.

The GRIN Grants Database is different to other searchable databases in that, instead of being presented with a list of potential grant schemes based on which search parameters you use, the GRIN database lists ALL funding programmes, so you can decide which grants are appropriate to list and apply to.

Future improvements to the database are planned, including a comprehensive listing of grant schemes with application deadlines ordered chronologically, as well as a revised ‘Resources Database’, featuring materials, publications, tools and resources that will help you improve your case for grant support.

The database is intended as an affordable option for individuals and not-for-profit organisations who can’t cover the fee for more expensive grants databases. The cost of the GRIN database is just £60 for a year or £100 for 2 years and includes our daily grants bulletin, which goes out every weekday throughout the year, even when we’re on holiday (like now!).

If you’d like further information about the GRIN Grants Database, ask us for a sample by emailing