Recovery Street Film Festival invites entries from UK amateur filmmakers with lived experience of being affected by alcohol and/or other drug use (deadline for entries: 15th August 2024)

The Recovery Street Film Festival is inviting entries from amateur filmmakers who have lived experience of being affected by alcohol and other drug use, to show audiences the reality of their experiences.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 15th August 2024.

The Recovery Street Film Festival’s objective is to create a communication channel between people with experience of substance use and recovery and the wider general public. The Festival organiser aims to help reduce the stigma by enabling everyone to view and listen to the stories of people affected by recovery. They also hope the films will encourage people in need to recognise issues and seek treatment.

The judges will be looking for the most original and imaginative approaches to telling stories of recovery, and films should show a link to the theme of the year, which is ‘Belonging’.

The film should aim to make an immediate impact on the audience. Films could be short dramatic plays, using actors, drawn or stop-frame animation, documentary style pieces, personal stories etc. The message that they want the films to convey is one of positivity and hope: recovery from drug and alcohol use is possible and is happening all around them.

Prize Information

o There is a £500 prize fund for the top three entries. 1st place will receive £250 in vouchers, 2nd place will receive £150 in vouchers, and 3rd place will receive £100 in vouchers.
o The winners, who will be chosen by the panel of judges and announced in September, will receive a prize. 

Eligibility Criteria

o This opportunity is only open to residents of the UK. If you are not from the UK, you understand and agree you are not eligible for prizing.
o All submissions must be submitted in the English language or be supported by English language subtitles.
o All entrants are asked to provide credits for their entry in the description box when they upload their submission which must include:

> Full Names of entrants
> A brief description of your film
> Telephone number (optional), and
> Email address

o Participants should retain the higher quality version of their video should the participant be chosen as the winner.


o Films must be a maximum of 3 minutes long. The recommended length is 1-3 minutes.
o Films should be linked to the theme in order to meet the judging standard.
o Films must be uploaded to YouTube and hidden from public view. 
o Active e-mail addresses must be used for correspondence.
o All submissions must be submitted in English or supported by English subtitles.
o All films must feature appropriate content and imagery.
o No clear images of children (under 18) are to be used in any film without their parent’s written consent.
o No clear or explicit images of drug or alcohol use are to be used in any film.
o No abusive, explicit, or inappropriate language is to be used in any film.
o All films must not breach copyright law. In particular, please be aware of the music you use, any in-game footage, any images and video footage.
o Films received after the competition closing date cannot be considered for the competition but may still be featured on the website.
o Entries submitted by anyone under 18 or featuring anyone under 18 not accompanied by a consent form signed by their parents/guardians will not qualify for the competition.
o Films submitted to the Recovery Street Film Festival must meet all terms and conditions, guidelines and official rules to qualify for the competition.

For further information and details about how to enter the competition. please visit the Recovery Street Film Festival website.