‘Project’ platform launches to enable anyone to provide financial support for underrepresented artists around the world

The International Body of Art (IBA), which helps underrepresented artists launch their careers through its public exhibitions programme, has launched a platform called ‘Projects‘ to enable funders to sponsor and connect with emerging artists.

Projects highlights a collection of never before seen projects from exciting artists around the world and  provides an opportunity for funders to engage with their favourite artist and become a part of their story.

The launch of the platform follows research from the IBA that shows that 26% of artists have had to abandon their careers in the arts due to limited financial prospects, and 29% of ethnic minority artists have seen their white peers’ careers progress further than theirs. The research also found that 35% of ethnic minority artists have had to abandon a career in the arts due to having limited financial backing.

To contribute to a project on the Projects platform there are various options of different values, ranging from £5 to £1,100. With each contribution, there are different ‘rewards’. These can range from:

o A signed ‘thank you’ note.
o A private premier invitation.
o A 1-to-1 question and answer call, or even
o An extended meditation session with an artist.

The rewards have been created by the artists themselves, with each one tailored to their project. ‘Projects’ aims to allow early-stage art collectors to connect with promising emerging artists to break down the barriers to entry for both artists and art enthusiasts. 

Further information about the inspiration for the development of the Projects platform, which aims to offer an alternative to  dated values and a market driven system, can be found on the International Body of Art website.