We offer two main products: (a) a Daily Grants E-bulletin, and (b) a monthly Grants and Resources Database. Subscribers to the Grants and Resources Databases automatically receive the daily grants e-bulletin, together with an open invitation to contact us at any time to request a bespoke list of potential grant programmes to match your project or services. 

Daily Grants Bulletin

This is a great way to focus on funding opportunities for the day ahead. At 8.30 each weekday morning throughout the year we send out a daily grants e-bulletin that features current funding opportunities and other helpful information. The bulletins are prepared the evening before, so they’re always relevant and often feature funding opportunities before they’re widely circulated, which can give subscribers a head-start, particularly in today’s funding landscape. 

The daily bulletins have developed something of a community feel over the years, with subscribers regularly using them to promote their services or advertise job opportunities free of charge.

The cost is just:

£15 per year for an individual subscriber; or
£25 per year for an organisation with two or more subscribers (you can sign up as many subscribers as you like, providing they’re associated with the subscribing organisation).

Ask for a recent example or request a FREE 2-week trial.

Daily Grants Bulletin 

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Monthly Grants and Resources Databases

The Grants Database is a searchable, colour-coded and indexed comprehensive listing of over 1,000 leading UK grant schemes with regular updates sent to your email inbox on the 1st Monday of each month.

The cost is £60 for a 12 month period or £100 for 24 months, and this includes the daily grants e-bulletin for the same period. 

Please note that PayPal doesn’t have a 24-month option, so the £100 GDP yearly subscription is actually for 24 months. If you’d rather not pay by PayPal, simply contact us for details of alternative payment arrangements by emailing

Database subscription includes a daily grants bulletin, which is produced throughout the year with the exception of weekends, UK public bank holidays and a short break over Christmas and the New Year. We also post a daily news item on our website and further items about grants, contract and job opportunities on our Facebook page.

Ask us for a free snapshot of both databases by emailing or click on the ‘View Example’ button below.

Monthly Grants & Resources Databases

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Membership Rates

Anyone can sign up to receive either the daily grants e-bulletin or the monthly Grants and Resources Databases.

The information is primarily relevant to UK based not-for-profits, although a number of grant programmes we feature are relevant in other parts of the world and in the last year we’ve advised organisations based in France, the Channel Islands, Malawi and South Africa.
 Database subscribers receive access to a much wider range of resources.

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