Open Call for International Women’s Day 2023: Inspirational Women Artists (deadline for entries: 23rd January 2023)

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March 2023, ‘a space’ arts are inviting contributions to a silent auction of artworks by female identifying and non-binary artists, with a 6-week exhibition at their flagship venue, God’s House Tower (GHT) in Southampton.

Each contributor will create an A4 image, which could be a photograph, a drawing, a print, a collage or a printed digital artwork inspired by a female identifying artist who has influenced them. To accompany the artwork, participants will be asked to write 50 -100 words about their chosen artist.

These artworks will be exhibited at God’s House Tower from Wednesday 8th March – Sunday 16th April 2023, launching on International Women’s Day. During that time, visitors will be able to bid in a silent auction to buy any of the works. For each artwork sold 50% of the proceeds will go to the artist who made the work and 50% will be donated to Yellow Door, a Southampton-based charity that prevents and responds to domestic and sexual abuse.

On Friday 14th April, there will be an event at GHT during which any final bids can be made and exhibiting artists can meet and celebrate. There will be an announcement about how much money has been raised but individual sales and prices will be kept private. Any unsold works will be returned to the artist via post.

The Brief

1. Nominate a female identifying or non-binary artist who inspires you.
2. Create an A4 drawing or image inspired by that artist.
3. Write between 50 – 100 words to accompany the work.
4. It is free to submit an artwork.
5. Only 1 submission per artist
6. 2D artworks only
7. Work must be A4 size (201mm x 297mm). They will not accept any work that is larger or smaller than A4 – UK bank account holders only
8. International participants are welcome but, due to the payment process, they can only accept submissions from participants with UK bank accounts. They are unable to pay into International bank accounts, nor PayPal.

The deadline for entries is Monday 23rd January 2023.

For further information, please visit the a space arts website.