One-off payments of £150 are available to non-domestic properties, including those run by charities and voluntary organisations, that are not connected to the gas grid

Non-domestic properties, including those managed by charities and voluntary sector organisations, can apply for a one-off £150 payment for non-domestic properties not connected to the gas grid that use alternative fuels for heating.

Alternative fuels include liquid petroleum gas (LPG), solid fuel, wood or heating oil (kerosene).

Non-domestic properties include:

o Those run by voluntary sector organisations, such as charities.
o Places of worship and community halls.
o Public buildings, such as schools, hospitals and prisons, and
o Farms, warehouses, pubs and hotels run by businesses or individuals.

You can apply for this fixed payment of £150 if:

o The property is not connected to the gas grid.
o The property is connected to the electricity grid.
o You purchased alternative fuels for use at the property between September 2022 and January 2023, and
o You have not already received the payment automatically.

If a property is both residential and non-domestic, the organisation or business paying for alternative fuels at the property can use this service. This includes properties such as care homes, working farms or retail units with living space.

You cannot apply through this service if you:

o Have already received the payment through your electricity supplier.
o Are not connected to the electricity grid – use the Apply for energy bill support for non-domestic properties service, or
o Are a domestic property – see help for households to find out what support you may be able to get.

You can check your eligibility for the non-domestic £150 alternative fuel payment and apply online via the GOV.UK website.