National Lottery Community Fund to increase the maximum grant available through its Awards for All programme from £10,000 to £20,000

The National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) has announced that it will be increasing the maximum grant it offers through its popular and successful small grants programme, Awards for All.

At present, Awards for All can provide a grant of between £300 and £10,000, with no matched funding requirement. As part of NLCF’s new 7-year strategy, the maximum grant available will shortly be increased to £20,000. Grant recipients will be able to spend their grant over 2 years rather than the current timescale of 12 months.

Awards for All will continue to be primarily a source of funding for projects and core costs, rather than move towards unrestricted funding – an option a number of grant-makers have been contemplating recently.

NLCF has also announced a £15m programme that aims to connect communities, which will open around August. 

In addition, NLCF will release another £9m from its 10-year £100m Climate Action Fund during 2023, taking its overall investment to £35 million.

NCLF will also be the main distributor for dormant assets, which are likely to have a value of over £30 million.

The 7-year strategy will have 4 main themes:

1. People coming together.
2. Environmental sustainability.
3. Helping children and young people thrive, and
4. Enabling people to live a healthier life. 

Further information about NLCF’s 7-year strategy and its strategic shift in grant-making can be found on the National Lottery Community Fund website.