Looking back on 2020 – a summary of GRIN Grant Bulletins during a challenging year

Well, that’s it for 2020! What a year! And it looks as if it’s going to be equally as challenging for not-for-profit organisations in 2021.

We sent out our final grants bulletin this morning at 8.30am, as usual. The daily GRIN Grants Bulletin has been circulated every weekday morning throughout the year, with the exception of public bank holidays and a break over Christmas, when we use the time to plan and organise for the year ahead.

This year we’ve:

o Sent out 242 grant bulletins.
o Featured 623 grant programmes and related resources, and
o Produced 241 website articles.

We’re also increasingly posting on our Facebook page (basically anything we think is relevant to not-for-profits seeking funding, information or resources (GRIN stands for Grants Resources Information News)), so please check it out and ‘Like’ our page.

We’ve included some fantastic blogs by Steve Woollett and Sarah Taragon of Clarity CIC and Emma Beeston of the Emma Beeston Consultancy. We can’t enthuse enough about the quality of writing Emma, Sarah and Steve have produced during the year with articles that are never less than thought provoking, challenging and insightful.

Along the way this year we’ve also met some amazing, inspirational people working in and with the sector. There’s really far too many to mention (and apologies for anyone we’ve missed out) but in particular we’d like to thank Emma Beeston, Sarah Taragon, Steve Woollett, Dr Clare Jefferis, Dr Jan Crawley, the amazing Fiona Mahoney and her team at Reminiscence Learning, Marsha Miles, Annemarie Shillito, Louise Garner, Alicia Grainger, Steve at The Cube Lab, Emma Green, Louise Treacher, Mark Bailey, and, last but not least, Rosemary Stephenson and the members of the Crediton Town Team (when we’re all allowed outside again, please visit the Boniface Story Panels throughout Crediton in Devon – an awesome collaborative community and ecumenical project delivered by the Crediton Town Team in general and Rod Brookes Hocking in particular).

Warm thanks as well to the many organisations that have sent in job opportunities and additional items for the daily bulletins – these are always greatly appreciated by the many individuals and organisations that receive the bulletins.

We’ll be spending our 3 week break planning for 2021 and our first web item in the New Year, scheduled for Monday 11 January, will set out our plans and ambitions for the year. 

If you’d like to find out more about the work we do at GRIN, please visit our website, and if you’d like to sign up for a free 2-week trial of the daily GRIN Grants Bulletin, simply drop us a line at info@grin.coop.

In the meantime, Dominie and I wish you all a peaceful and restful festive season and New Year. 

Best wishes

Dominie and Paul

PS. For those that don’t know, the daily grant bulletins are normally prepared to various pieces of music between 5pm and 8pm the evening before they’re circulated the following morning, while the website article is often written between 2am and 4am (for example, it’s approaching 2.45am as we check this item). Here’s a list of the 10 most played Christmas songs we’ve been listening to this December, together with their respective YouTube Music link, in no particular order:

o Long Way Around the Sea – Low   
o Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday – William Bell  
o Carol of the Bells – The Big Moon   
o River – Joni Mitchell   
o Joy – Tracey Thorn   
o Little Drummer Boy – Bing Crosby and David Bowie   
o Christmas for the Free – Argent   
o Mummy Won’t be Home for Christmas – Scaffold   
o We Three Kings – The Roches  
o Give and Receive – Smoke Fairies