“Living in a Pandemic” – Clarity CIC look at the ongoing impact of COVID on the resilience of charitable organisations

We’re ending 2021 with a couple of great blogs from Clarity CIC and Emma Beeston (of the Emma Beeston Consultancy).

Today’s blog is from Clarity CIC, a South West based Community Interest Company which has been enabling social purpose organisations, including community groups, charities and social enterprises to be effective, sustainable and well-run for nearly 10 years now. On Friday we’ll feature a blog by Emma Beeston.

Clarity CIC’s blog is entitled:

“Living in a Pandemic”

“It’s been sad this week, to speak to clients who are having to make tough decisions again about whether to run face-to-face groups.  Many of their groups were getting back to strength following the lockdowns – their beneficiaries gaining confidence in being out and about, and really appreciating the opportunity to do so.  The staff we’ve spoken to are really feeling it this time – though many do have alternative services ready to roll following all their learning and creativity last year.

“We are writing a number of evaluation reports currently, and I am constantly amazed by the organisations we work with – their commitment to their clients, their passion for what they do and their creativity in finding new ways of supporting people.  Two years ago, none of those organisations would have guessed that they could change their delivery so dramatically in such short spaces of time.  It has been a huge opportunity, as well as a challenge.  We are working with organisations who created new services within 48 hours of the first lockdown, who have successfully got older people with dementia in online groups; and who are delivering courses through telephone and zoom to vulnerable carers. 

“Many have become shining lights in within the local landscape, stepping up whilst other larger agencies have struggled to adapt.

“But, we can also see how tired some of those staff, volunteers and Board members are.  Working in a crisis is fine for a time, but this is turning out to be a long time.  We really hope, that over the festive season, people are able to really take some time out, to replenish and to rest.  2022 looks like it will continue to offer challenges. Our challenge to all our clients, is to make sure you are building in support for yourselves, your staff and your volunteers going forwards – so that you can continue to deliver the amazing services that you do.”