LawWorks: free legal advice for small not-for-profit organisations in England and Wales

LawWorks’ Not-for-Profits Programme brokers legal advice to small not-for-profit organisations on a wide range of legal issues, to support the continuation and expansion of their services to people in need. The advice is given for free (pro bono).

The programme helps charities, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, and other not-for-profits in England and Wales in the following ways:

(1) Providing free videos, memos and FAQs on common legal issues.

LawWorks hosts a range of short online videos presented by solicitors – its “Free Talks“. The videos cover common legal issues faced by small not-for-profit organisations. The videos are all free to watch and aim to charitable organisations when making important decisions. 

LawWorks also has a range of other legal resources to help answer some frequently asked questions that we receive from charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Agencies are advised to browse the above Free Talks and resources before applying to the Not-for-Profits programme.

(2) Providing free legal assistance to eligible organisations.

The Not-for-Profits Programme brokers legal advice on a wide range of legal issues to small not-for-profit organisations meeting its eligibility criteria.

It can find a solicitor for your not-for-profit organisation, either for:

o A one-off legal issue (like drafting a contract, reviewing a lease, updating a constitution/articles, or clarifying rights in a commercial dispute); or
o A longer-term basis (to carry out a review of the organisation’s documents, identify potential legal issues, and be a first port of call for legal queries).

PILOT – Free legal assistance setting up a charitable organisation

LawWorks is also piloting a service to broker free legal assistance to those making applications to set up charitable organisations. The pilot has its own set of eligibility criteria

Please note that as the service is a pilot the number of volunteer solicitors is limited.

Further information about free support available is available on the LawWorks website.