Latest Energy Saving Trust Grant Awards: £3 million to be distributed through Ofgem Redress Scheme to support energy reduction projects across the UK

The Energy Saving Trust has just announced its latest round of awards through the Energy Redress Scheme to organisations across Great Britain. Successful projects will provide energy advice, support decarbonisation activities and develop innovative energy-focused services and products.

There are regular application windows for the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Redress Scheme with often significantly large grants awarded. A list of the latest successful applicants is provided below. 

In the most recent funding round,15 awards worth a total of £2.5 million are being made from the Main and Small Funds. These projects focus on keeping people warm by providing essential advice through clinics and dedicated energy advice officers.

Over five years, the Energy Redress Scheme has distributed a total of £85.5 million funding to support 491 projects in England, Scotland and Wales. The funding is collected through Ofgem’s enforcement and compliance activity, where companies that have breached energy rules agree to make a voluntary payment into the Energy Redress Scheme.

The three funding rounds include the Main and Small fund, which are aimed at projects supporting households in vulnerable situations. The Carbon Emission Reduction Fund (CERF) supports energy-related activities that will see a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from energy use. Finally, the Innovative Fund supports the development of pioneering products and services related to energy.

Organisation Project name Grant funding Funding stream
Act on Energy Warmth in Worcestershire advice service £298,952.05 Main
Age Concern Tyneside South We Need Energy Advice Too £46,579.57 Small
Age Cymru Powys Catrefi Cynnes Powys £56,514.00 Main
Albyn Housing Society Ltd Affordable Warmth Highland (AWH) £268,657.38 Main
Bath & West Community Energy Bath & West Home Energy £156,577.85 CERF
Caxton House Settlement Caxton House Energy Advice Support £20,190.00 Small
Charge my Street Solar Charging Homes Without Driveways (SCHOWD) £106,051.37 Innovation
Cumbria Action for Sustainability Cold to Cosy Homes Cumbria £299,999.71 Main
Cunninghame Housing Association (Lemon Aid- Citrus switch) LemonAid Fuel Poverty Energy Advice Service £300,000.00 Main
DIAL Barnsley Warm Connections £208,731.44 Main
Dorset Community Energy Energy Local Bridport Solar Array £62,875.00 CERF
Inter Madrassah Organisation (operational name – IMO Charity) ‘Be Warm, Save Money’ £77,785.00 Main
Marches Energy Agency Healthy Homes Shropshire Phase 2 (HHS2) £290,554.37 Main
PEC Trust Warm Homes £160,184.84 Main
REAP Moray Energy Action Programme (MEAP) £184,212.00 Main
Repowering Limited Unlocking Retrofit for Blocks of Flats £95,978.50 Innovation
Rotherham Federation More Energy Know How £212,408.00 Main
Southern Staffordshire Community Energy Solar for Social Impact £193,620.78 Innovation
St Pauls Advice Centre Warm and Well £49,357.43 Small


Congratulations to Dorset Community Energy for securing a grant of £62,875 from the Energy Redress Scheme. Dorset Community Energy will continue to facilitate community ownership of renewable energy production through Local Energy Clubs so that households can benefit from green energy produced locally.