Job Opportunities: Common Flora, a South Devon based social enterprise applying the principles of regenerative agroecology, permaculture and local economy, is currently seeking to recruit to several roles (details below)

Common Flora, a recently incorporated social enterprise based in Totnes, Devon is currently advertising for a Traditional Build and Woodland Assistant,  Digital Marketing Assistant and a Gardener and Processing Assistant (the latter position is to be confirmed).

Please forward details to anyone who may be interested in finding out more or applying. Many thanks to Jane Acton, who is an Ethnobotanist with Common Flora, for asking us to circulate details. (Ethnobotany is the study of a region’s plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of a local culture and people.)

The job advertisement simply reads:


“COME AND WORK FOR US! Traditional build and Woodland Assistant,  Digital Marketing Assistant and Gardener and Processing Assistant (last position to be confirmed). 25 hours pw, 18 to 25s only, Nov 21 to May 22. “

We haven’t been given an application deadline for any of these posts, so we’re assuming applications may be made at any time, but contact Common Flora for further details using the Contact Form on its website.

Common Flora is a certified organic with BDA Certification, providing habitat for the local wildlife, rooted in the local community and economy. It uses the principles of regenerative agroecology, permaculture and local economy. It is a member of the Landworkers Alliance, the Nature Recovery Network and has been selected to be part of the Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme. It is a social business, not for profit, responsible and ethical.

Common Flora’s website states that it is:

“looking for people to join us on the journey by investing their time or resources into our vision. Set in the red earth of the south Devon landscape, south facing, organically certified, we have a straw bale built barn, growing spaces and soon large pond on 2 hectares. Half the site is young woodland and orchard. Our business plan is based on harvesting from trees and perrenials to make small batch high value products for largely non food uses. The site is not open to the public so provides peace and tranquility for people to recuperate and learn about themselves and the natural world. Please make contact if this is something which interests you”.

Further information about Common Flora and its work is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.