In light of yesterday’s announcement of a 54% increase in household energy bills: How to Save Energy at Home – 24 energy-saving tips you need to know

Yesterday’s news of a huge 54% energy price hike from April, together with a rise in the Bank of England’s base rate, which is likely mean increases for those on a variable mortgage rate, is likely to place even greater pressure on not-for-profit organisations that are supporting vulnerable households.

Research by the Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust suggests that a third of households haven’t made any efforts to reduce their energy use in recent years.

The Ideal Home Newsletter has just produced a list of the following 24 ways in which households can save energy at home:

1. Turn your thermostat down by one degree.
2. Change your lightbulbs.
3. Stop leaving tech on standby.
4. Don’t overfill the kettle.
5. Cover your pans.
6. Swap the shower head.
7. Install a smart meter.
8. Block draughts.
9. Invest in a tumble dryer ball.
10. Combine cooking with heating.
11. Bleed your radiators.
12. Don’t cover or block your radiators.
13. Fill your fridge and freezer with bottles of tap water.
14. Use your dishwasher’s eco function.
15. Keep your hob clean.
16. Get a washing-up bowl.
17. Pick your paint wisely.
18. Don’t heat empty rooms.
19. Leave your blinds and curtains open longer in summer…..
20…..But close your curtains in winter.
21. Clean your radiators.
22. Check your loft insulation.
23. Move furniture away from external walls, and finally
24. Lay a carpet.

Further information on each of the above suggestions are provided in the Ideal Home Newsletter.