Improve your service and attract funding: free tool for small charities to measure and report their social impact

Impactasaurus is a free tool that helps small charities measure and report their social impact, which can improve their chances of attracting funding.

The tool has a simple 4-step process:

1. Selecting a questionnaire – based on your desired outcomes, you can choose from a range of peer reviewed questionnaires. If none of them suit, you can always create your own questionnaire.

2. Collect responses – questionnaire responses can be collected in person, remotely or retrospectively. Responses are securely saved within Impactasaurus for review and analysis.

3. Monitor progress – a beneficiary’s journey can be monitored during your intervention. This allows you to tailor your services to meet their specific requirements.

4. Report your impact – generate reports showing the impact your organisation had on your beneficiaries. Reports can be generated covering all of your beneficiaries or just a certain segment (for example a project or a location).

For further information, please visit the Impactasaurus website.