Hub Cymru Africa: Women’s Empowerment Grants of between £25,000 and £50,000 for partnership working in Uganda and Wales (application deadline: 14 January 2022)

Women’s Empowerment Grants for Partnerships working in Uganda and Wales.

Application deadline: Friday 14 January 2022.

Hub Cymru Africa (HCA) is currently inviting applications for women’s empowerment grants for partnerships working in Uganda and Wales.

The programme will focus on supporting a small number of key pathfinding projects in Uganda which will expand local partnerships contributing to gender equality in the fields of women in leadership, women and girls’ rights and gender-based violence.

These initiatives will be carefully monitored for future learning and programme development and provide strong communication around their benefits. In addition, HCA will build in capacity building for Welsh organisations and their partners to enhance their ability to deliver gender equality across the wider Wales and Africa programme and share the learning from the new programme.

HCA will legally administer this grant scheme through the Wales Centre for International Affairs (WCIA), its lead partner.

All projects funded under this scheme need to be able to demonstrate that they will be able to adhere to the following key principles, or demonstrate how they will evolve these principles across the development of the project:

o Engaging and empowering women and girls by using the strengths of social connectivity, strong networks and communication.
Work should be in partnership with credible African partners, preferably with women in leadership roles.
o Build upon existing partnerships and work according to asset-based principles, and
o Acknowledgement of the complexity of issues especially at the intersection of gender, disability, sexuality and ethnicity.

Funding Information

HCA is accepting applications for between £25,000 and £50,000 from partnerships working with women on issues impacting them in Sub Saharan Africa, including livelihoods, climate change, legal rights, political representation, gender-based violence, maternal healthcare and education.

Eligibility Criteria

o Lead applicants must be based in Wales.
o Applicants
must have a strong Ugandan partner with a track record of delivering Gender Equality work.
o Applications must be for between £25,000 and £50,000.
o Any overseas activities must take place within Uganda and demonstrate benefit to women and girls in Uganda.
o Applications must demonstrate value for money in their activities.
o All funded projects should contain elements which bring benefit to Wales.
o All applications are subject to a conflict of interest declaration.
o All applicants should demonstrate that as well as gender, they have taken into consideration ethical and fair trade criteria when making purchasing.

Wales-based lead must be one of the following:

o Constituted group (e.g. Women’s cooperative, community-based organisation, religious institution).
Registered charity, NGO, social enterprise, private business.
o Affiliated to a NHS Board or Trust.
o Educational institution, or
o Community or Town Council.

The African organisation must be one of the following:

o Un-constituted group (e.g. midwives or PTA)
Constituted group (e.g. women’s cooperative or community based organisation).
o Constituted organisation (e.g. NGO, social enterprise, training centre), or
o Government Department (local, regional or national) – International NGO.

Further information is available on the Hub Cymru Africa website.

The deadline for applications is Friday 14 January 2022.