Groundwork UK – tips on applying for grant funding

Groundwork UK, a charity (no. 291558) that takes practical action to create a fair and green future in which people, places and nature thrive, offers a useful checklist on its website on how to write a great application for community grant funding (Groundwork UK manages a number of grant programmes).

1. Be prepared
  • Organisation’s aims and objectives, annual accounts, bank details, constitution
  • Organisation track record, policies and procedures
  • Staff and volunteer profiles, how the organisation is managed
2. Be clear
  • Create a project brief which should include: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW,
  • Aims and objectives, activities, target audience, project duration
  • Delivery staff, key volunteers, project partners
  • The need the project addresses, the difference the project will make
  • Project milestones
  • Sustainability or maintenance plan
  • Total costs – revenue and capital
3. Evidence need
  • Consultation reports, letters of support from tenants and community groups
  • Quotes from community questionnaires
  • Expert testimonial (eg advocates for play, wildlife etc)
  • Demographic/statistical data, ward information, Government reports about your
4. Know your funder
  • Make sure the project fits the criteria, always read the guidelines and check your
    group is eligible
  • Find out who they funded before and to what level
  • Make sure you are asking for eligible expenditure
  • Is there a grants officer to contact for queries?
  • Do you need to identify match funding?
5. Leave enough time
  • Review the application form and the application process, assess whether you
    need further information and check whether the funder will answer questions
  • Proof read and edit
  • Double check the budget
  • Make sure the right people have signed the form – including partner

The Groundwork website offers a range of other helpful information under the heading “Looking for more information? Read on.”