GRIN in 2021 – our priorities for the year ahead

GRIN priorities for 2021.

This article sets out the aims and ambitions of GRIN SW LLP for the coming year, but before we set out our plans, we’d like to wish you all a healthy and successful 2021 in what looks certain to be another challenging year for the not-for-profit sector.

This is what we’re going to up to in the year ahead:

  1. Daily Grant Bulletins – the bulletins have resumed from today and will continue up to Friday 17 December 2021, excluding weekends and public bank holidays. This year we’ll be dedicating more time to researching and publishing details of less well-known grant making Trusts, alongside new programmes and updates on established schemes. Subscribers and non-subscribers can use the bulletins to promote any work you’re doing, including publicising job vacancies, training courses, items for sale – in fact anything that the not-for-profit sector may be interested in – all free of charge.
  2. Daily website postings – we’ll continue to post a news item on our website each day, with the exception of weekends and public bank holidays.
  3. Daily Facebook postings – we receive a lot more information about grant and resource opportunities than we can use in the Grant Bulletins or place on the News section of our website, so we’re aiming to publish surplus information on our Facebook page. This is likely to be a mixture of opportunities, including overseas grant funds, job vacancies, contract opportunities, award schemes and anything else we think will be of interest to people working in the not-for-profit sector.
  4. GRIN Grants Databases – we’re going to keep developing the Grants Databases to make them as detailed, comprehensive and accessible as we can. Subscription to the databases, which includes the daily grants bulletin, will include a new annual rate £60.
  5. Blogs by Clarity CIC and Emma Beeston Consultancy – we’ve been reproducing fantastic monthly blogs by Sarah Taragon and Steve Woollett of Clarity CIC, and Emma Beeston of the Emma Beeston Consultancy for several years now in the daily grant bulletins and we expect to continue to do so during 2021. Emma, Sarah and Steve never fail to produce insightful, thought-provoking and challenging articles on issues currently faced by the sector. They’re undoubtebly one of the highlights of the grant bulletins and are widely read and circulated by subscribers. We’re always looking for more high-quality regular or occasional bloggers, so if you think you’d like to contribute an article, please contact us at
  6. Commissioned work – we’ll continue to take on requests for Funding Prospect Searches and support for not-for-profit organisations seeking to develop robust and compelling arguments for grant funding. A list of the services we can provide during 2021 can be found on our website.
  7. Less pro-bono support – during 2020, especially as our understanding of the impact of COVID-19 was developing, we provided a great deal of pro bono help to not-for-profit organisations across the UK and overseas. This took up a great deal more time than we had anticipated during the year and, while individuals and agencies are always welcome to contact us for advice by email (, phone (07387 377043) or via the real time messaging service on our website (click on ‘Send Message‘ in the bottom right hand corner of the home page), it’s unlikely that we’ll have the capacity to engage in lengthy conversations or time-consuming research about funding prospects. Enquiries from database subscribers will be prioritised.
  8. No changes to prices for 2021 – we’re delighted to confirm that all our annual subscription rates for 2021 will remain as they are, namely:

         o Daily Grants Bulletin – £15 per year for an individual subscriber; £25 per year for multiple                      subscribers from the same organisation (including volunteers and trustees).
        o Monthly Grants Bulletin – £100 for a 24-month period or £60 for a 12-month period. Both
subscriptions include the daily grant bulletins. 

        o Commissioned work – contact us for details. We endeavour to keep prices as low as possible
as we recognise that 2021 is likely to be an even more financially challenging year for many

Please get in touch with either Dominie or Paul by email at or phone 07387 377043 if you have any questions, observations or simply want to discuss any of the above. Although 2021 is shaping up to be a tough year for many, we know the not-for-profit is unique in providing the determination, creativity and lived experience to ensure vulnerable people and communities continue to be supported, and if we can help in that, please get in touch.

With best wishes for 2021.

Paul and Dominie
Company No. OC374833
Phone: 07387 377043