GRIN Grants Database – OCTOBER edition out today!

The October update of the GRIN Grants Database is being circulated today, featuring full details over 1,500 grant programmes available across the United Kingdom and the South West region.

The database is essentially a large, searchable Excel spreadsheet with tabs for:

o Introduction.
o Additions and Updates.
o Main UK-wide Database.
o South West England focused Grants, and
o An Index with over 4,000 entries.

The database offers a number of search options and is different to most other grants databases where the results you get depend on the search parameters you use. With the GRIN Grants Database you can either use search parameters or view all the grant schemes available.

Every time we send out our daily grants bulletin, which provides a detailed summary of 2-3 grant programmes each weekday, the database is either updated or added to, As we’re well past our 3,000th edition, the database contains a lot of information about grant programmes.

As we work with a lot of small charities with limited resources, we keep our prices for the Grants Database as low as we possibly can. The cost is simply:

£60 for 12 months, or
£100 for 24 months.

Subscription includes the daily grants bulletin, which today features the Golsoncott Foundation and the Childwick Trust.

If you’d like to find out more about the database or the daily grants bulletin (a free, no obligation 2-week trial is available), just email us at

More details about GRIN (which stands for Grants Resources Information News), who we are and what we do, can be found on our website.