GRIN Grants Database for August 2023 available from this morning

The low cost August 2023 edition of the GRIN Grants Database, featuring many national grant-making trusts and foundations not covered by other databases, is being circulated to subscribers this morning.

GRIN, which stands for ‘Grants Resources Information News‘, has been researching and sharing information on grant programmes for, among others, charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises, statutory agencies and schools across the UK for over 10 years.

Every grant scheme we cover in our daily grants bulletin, which is sent out at 8.30 on the dot every weekday morning throughout the year, is transcribed onto the Database. As the daily bulletins are approaching their 3,500th edition, the Database includes a lot of detailed information.

Essentially a large Excel spreadsheet, we keep the Database low cost because we work with many small charities across the UK that have limited resources (although the Database is suitable for larger not-for-profit organisations too). The subscription cost – which includes the daily grants bulletin is just:

o £60 for 12 months, or
o £100 for 24 months.

If you’d like to see a snapshot of the Database or try a free 2-week trial of the daily grants bulletin, simply email us at

The Database consists of 5 pages, including:

(1) An Introduction:

(2) Hyperlinked recent Additions and Updates

(3) The Main Database

(4) A South West England section (GRIN is based in Northern Devon):

(5) And. finally, an Index

For more information about GRIN, who we are and the services and products we provide, please visit our website.