GivingMachine opens the Giving Lottery to charities in the UK

The GivingLottery is a weekly lottery that allows good causes to raise funds for no cost.

To participate, charities simply complete an online form and GivingLottery will set them up with their own lottery page that they can customise with their own branding.

Provided by Hertfordshire based registered charity The GivingMachine, the Giving Lottery also provides bespoke leaflets, posters, Facebook links, tips, and guides.

The charity then promotes the lottery, selling tickets at a pound each. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000. Charities keep 40% of every ticket sold on their page with funds sent direct to their account every month.

Draws take place every Saturday night with results posted on the GivingLottery website, Facebook and Twitter, and winners are advised directly.

Participating charities also receive fortnightly email updates, and can login and view ticket and supporter data in real time.

In total, 60% of ticket sales go to good causes: 40% to the charity that sold the tickets, and 20% to a fund supporting all good causes in the UK.

For further details, visit the GivingLottery website.