Free report available from Community Matters on how Community Spaces have adapted to COVID-19 (registration required)

Towards the end of 2020 Community Matters undertook some research into how community spaces had adapted to the the issues of COVID-19 during 2020 and what their future sustainability issues are likely to be.

The report from this research “How many of us had “Pandemic” in our risk register?“, which draws evidence from a range of both rural and urban community spaces, was published on Monday the 11th of January.

You can obtain a free copy by going to

Organisations and individuals interested in receiving a copy of the report are required to register their details with Community Matters. Community Matters says that the sign up form is only used to collect information to enable the organisation to send out copies of the report, although you can opt into the Community Matters general mailing list – which we find a useful source of information – if required.