Free guide to help charities use the telephone more effectively for fundraising

The Institute of Fundraising (IoF) has produced a free guide for charities and fundraisers entitled A Good Call: Using the Telephone for Successful Fundraising.

The results of recent research conducted by the IoF suggested that nearly 75% of fundraisers surveyed used the phone regularly as a fundraising tool. Typically, the phone was used for welcome calls and relationship building/stewardship (excluding specific financial asks).

However, the survey indicated that almost 33% of respondents lacked understanding and confidence about the regulations that should be followed when using the phone for fundraising.

A Good Call: Using the Telephone for Successful Fundraising aims to help fundraisers and charities develop stronger relationships with supporters, and has been developed with the help of telephone fundraising agency Ethicall.

The guide, which is free to all charities and fundraisers, is divided into two sections:

1. Advice on conversations fundraisers can have with supporters; and
2. Guidance on how fundraisers can plan and prepare for these conversations, including guidance on handling of personal data.

The guide provides information and advice on a range of ways the telephone can be used to talk to supporters, such as:

o Gathering feedback;
o Discussing legacies;
o Diversifying support; and
o How to say ‘thank you’.

The regulatory and legislative requirements surrounding the use of the phone for fundraising is also covered in the guide.