Free Community Matters report on the importance of community buildings in a post-COVID landscape

Community Matters is a registered charity which provides advice, information and support to community organisations, charities and public-sector bodies across the UK. It is a community building expert and provides specialist advice in all matters across the sector.

Community Matters has produced a follow up report to its published report “How many of us had “Pandemic” in our risk register”. The new report is about the importance of community buildings and is called “A Significant Place in the Local Landscape“.

Community Matters interviewed over 20 organisations running community buildings, and also gathered data from another 120.

The resulting report, “A Significant Place in the Local Landscape”, follows the themes of the original report 6 months on, as organisations start to look at what the post COVID future will hold. The report draws on evidence from a range of both rural and urban community spaces.

You can get a free copy by going to the Community Matters website

Please note that registration is required on the Community Matters website before a copy of the report can be emailed to you.