Free ClariTEA get together at 3pm today for people in the not-for-profit sector to share their experiences and learning during COVID – sign up below!

Sarah Taragon and Steve Woollett of the social enterprise Clarity CIC are running another of their excellently titled ‘ClariTEA‘ sessions at 3pm today, providing people working in the not-for-profit sector with an opportunity to meet via Zoom to chat, relax, share learning and get support from some lovely people facing similar challenges during COVID.

Today’s session, which is free and starts at 3pm, is entitled:

Learning from lockdown!

What have you learnt from delivering in lockdown? 

o What works?
o What have you tried that didn’t work?
o What will you be taking forwards beyond the pandemic?

You can click on this Eventbrite LINK to book your place.

For further information about Clarity CIC and its work, please visit its website.