Fishing Animateurs – a great hands-on resource to help identify and work up projects with, and on behalf of, fishermen and women and their communities across the UK

In our daily grants bulletin on Wednesday 20 October 2021 (ask us for a copy by emailing we featured the Seafarers’ Charity.

Formerly known as Seafarers’ UK – the King George’s Fund for Sailors, the Seafarers’ Charity  provides grants for UK registered charities to improve the outcomes for seafarers, fishers and their families in need in  the UK and around the world. 

After the article was published, Rob Poole, kindly got in touch to tell us about Fishing Animateurs.

Rob is vastly experienced Fishing Animateur (an animateur is defined as “a person who enlivens or encourages something“) who is part of a small team of animateurs providing active, hands-on support to identify and work up projects with, and on behalf of, fishermen and women across the UK.

Fishing Animateurs, who work closely with the Seafarers’ Charity, are experienced project developers who can undertake research and help with grant applications.  They are independent of agencies such as the Marine Management Organisation and other grant providers, but can be a valuable source of assistance in the project development process.

If you’re thinking of developing a project which supports fishermen and women and their communities, please have a look at the Fishing Animateurs website.

Subject to capacity, the Fishing Animateurs could be a great resource to help you develop your project to a funding-level stage!