Ethical Property Foundation publishes FREE online property guidance for charities

The Ethical Property Foundation (EPF) has launched a FREE guide for anyone in the charity sector planning to acquire and manage property. 

The Weston Property Manual contains 12 easy-to-read sections that range from tips on basic mistakes to avoid to a jargon buster for commercial property. 

It aims to enable charities to “engage with both property and property professionals with knowledge and confidence”. 

The sections were written by experienced property advisers, and cover the following topics:

1. The jargon buster: understanding property language. 
2. Preplanning in a local context.
3. Governance: Trustee roles and property responsibilities. 
4. Acquiring property.     
5. Property project planning and the law.
6. Sourcing quotes from suppliers.
7. Planning your project delivery.
8. Post project evaluation.
9. Effective building management and the law.
10. Managing risk.
11. Being green: energy use and conservation, and
12 The disposal of a property.

Antonia Swinson, chief executive of EPF, said:

In these turbulent times, the sector needs calm, expert, easy-to-understand property advice. The foundation’s team of chartered surveyors and solicitors have delivered magnificently, and we’re looking forward to sharing their work with the sector. “We’re most grateful to Garfield Weston Foundation for their support and see this as a game changer for the sector in understanding and managing property.”  

The Weston Property Manual can be found at this link to the Ethical Property Foundation website.


Source: Civil Society News