eBay for Charity UK creates £1.7 million budget to provide grants to 250 UK charities most affected by a decline in sales on its platform during COVID-19

eBay UK, which has helped charities raise £160 million to date, with over £27 million raised last year, has launched a package of financial support and training to help more charities use online retail to raise funds for UK charities that continue to be impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

eBay UK will be providing unrestricted grants of £1.7million to 250 of the charities most affected by declines in online revenue on its platform, to help make up for the shortfall in sales as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

To upskill charities, it has also announced plans to launch Charity Connect, a training programme to support at least 500 UK charities, including those not yet on eBay, to help them raise more money through more effective online sales.

Charity Connect – which is not the same Charity Connect featured in last week’s web postings – will help charity retailers build an effective online presence through dedicated customer service, onboarding assistance, promotional support and a tailored eBay training programme.

It will begin in July 2020 with a series of free weekly webinars for new and existing charity sellers on how to boost sales on eBay, including follow up 1:1 sessions with e-commerce experts. Training will begin from Tuesday 7 July and charities can book free by visiting this LINK.  

The charity initiative follows the blueprint of Retail Revival, a 12-month pilot programme with small businesses in Wolverhampton, where over 60 companies increased sales by 33% on eBay with revenues of over £7million through intensive ecommerce training and support.