East African not-for-profit, the Tanzanian Clubfoot Care Organisation (TCCO) is seeking to develop partnerships with UK agencies

The Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organisation (TCCO) is a Tanzanian not-for-profit which is seeking to partner with UK registered charities and/or not-for-profits agencies to enable it to diversify its funding base. 

Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization is a network of medical and paramedical professionals in Tanzania with the objective “to ensure every child with Clubfoot in Tanzania receives timely and quality treatment using the Ponseti Method as a gold standard treatment”.

The worldwide average rate of occurrence is about one per 1,000 births (some sources say 1:750). Studies report that for black people in Southern and East African the occurrence is higher at 2 to 3 per 1,000 births, affecting about 1 in 500 children born in the region

At present TCCO is reliant on one or two key donors and feels that this dependency makes it vulnerable to a sudden and significant loss of income.

Information about TCCO’s work in East Africa is available on its website.

If you’d like to explore developing a partnership with TCCO, please contact its Program Manager, Emmanuel Kowero, directly at samkowero998@gmail.com, or get in touch with the GRIN office at info@grin.coop.

If you are aware of any UK-based agencies that may be interested in talking to TCCO with a view to developing partnership work, please forward details to them.