Dutch-based The Supporting Act Foundation invites applications from community-driven grassroots arts organisations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain to its Impact Grant programme 2023 (application deadline: 18th September 2023)

The Supporting Act Impact Grant is a program created by Amsterdam-based The Supporting Act Foundation to help underfunded grassroots arts organisations that have a community-driven approach in topics that relate to the use of arts for social change, and are offering any kind of support to emerging artists from underrecognized or marginalized groups.

The deadline for applications is Monday 18th September 2023.

The Impact Grant is available to arts organisations in the following countries:

o France.
o Germany.
o Italy.
o Netherlands.
o Spain, and the
o United Kingdom.

Grants are unrestricted, designed to reduce financial uncertainties for  organisations, and enabling them to expand their reach.

The programme program is built on extensive research into the challenges that emerging artists are facing in Europe, and into alternative philanthropic approaches. The research indicated that reducing financial uncertainty for artist-led organiaations is a key factor in achieving long-term and systemic change in the arts. It is also a way of creating conditions for a political, cultural, and economic power shift, helping build stronger communities and achieve positive impacts across the creative ecosystem.


To help cover general operational costs and any other costs considered critical to successfully developing activities

Funding Information

Six (6) unrestricted two-year grants of €25,000- per year (£21,333) , totalling €50,000- per organisation (£42,666)

Eligibility Criteria

Before preparing your application, please take care to check that your organisation meets the following criteria. If selected for a grant, they will request documents to validate that the organisation you represent is:

o Registered as a non-profit in—or running as a non-profit with a fiscal sponsor registered in—the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, or Italy between 2018 and 2022.
o Able to provide a bank account number in the name of the organisation or of a fiscal sponsor in one of the countries listed above.
o Running with annual operating costs not greater than €125,000 (£110,000) in the current financial year (2023).
o Underfunded, which the Foundation defines as the organisation’s annual income in 2022 being less than the annual costs of its operations, which were therefore too reliant on unpaid/underpaid work, and/or on voluntary/in-kind services.
o Led by people who self-identify as artist/artists, or who use the arts in their approach, and
o Able to provide publicly available evidence of running at least one project during 2022 with a community-driven approach to topics related to the use of arts for social change.

Please note that this open call is not for individuals, commercial organisations, ongoing projects, project proposals, or current grantees of The Supporting Act Foundation.

For further information, please visit The Supporting Act Foundation.