Donations to children and animal welfare charities decline during the coronavirus outbreak, while donations to hospitals and the NHS increase

Research conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) indicates that donations to children and animal welfare charities have declined during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with people giving more to support hospitals and NHS organisations.

The Charities Aid Foundation, which tracks UK household giving patterns every month, found that 35% of people who had given to charity in the past four weeks had given to hospitals and hospices, up from the long term average of 21%.

The number of people giving money to children’s causes and animal welfare has dropped in the same period. In the 2019 CAF UK Giving report, which tracked trends across all of 2018, children’s charities and animal welfare were the joint most popular causes to which people donated their money.

Animal charities have seen the number of people making donations in the prior four weeks fall to 23% of donors in April, down from 31% in March, while donors supporting children’s charities have declined to 18% in April, below the long term average of 26%.

Survey respondents singled out NHS charities, donating to feed NHS staff and supporting Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising drive as examples of how they were donating their money.

CAF’s research is based on polling of 1,105 people carried out by YouGov between 20-23 April.

In addition to the big increase in money going to hospitals and the NHS, the survey also found that despite economic uncertainty and worries about job security, overall levels of giving to charity has remained high, with 34% of people saying they had donated to charity in the past four weeks – up from 30% in March.

Source: UK Fundraising