“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” – Clarity CIC’s March blog looks at ways in which charitable organisations can start to improve diversity and inclusion

We regularly feature blogs by various contributors, principally from Clarity CIC and the Emma Beeston Consultancy.

Today’s blog is by Clarity CIC, a Devon-based social enterprise that enables social purpose organisations, including community groups, charities and social enterprises to be effective, sustainable and well-run. Sarah (Taragon), Steve (Woollett) and the team at Clarity help organisations solve everyday problems, build their own capability, think and act strategically and demonstrate the value of their work.

Clarity’s blog is entitled:

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”

“We’ve recently completed a piece of work with an organisation, looking at diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  I wouldn’t describe myself as an ‘expert’ in this arena – but what I was able to do, was to enable the organisation to reflect on its current delivery and management through a lens of inclusion.  It has been a fascinating piece of work, and identified people within the organisation with a huge passion for inclusion and knowledge and expertise to back it up. 

“One of the resources we used as a framework was the Association for Charitable Foundations’ (ACF) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion document.  The ACF framework suggests an organisation fully committed to DEI will: 

  1. Invest time and resources in understanding and defining diversity, equity and inclusion
  2. Produce and review strategies that will implement DEI practices
  3. Collects track, and publish data on its own practices and performance
  4. Have a diverse Management Group and staff, both in terms of demographics and experience
  5. Reflect and implement DEI practices in its activities and projects
  6. Express its DEI commitment, policies, and practices publicly
  7. Make itself accountable to those it serves and supports
  8. Use its own power to advocate for and advance DEI practices
  9. Collaborate with others to promote and implement DEI practices.

Diversity equity and inclusion (acf.org.uk)

“Looking at diversity, equity and inclusion can seem overwhelming, and many people are almost scared to start looking at it.  But any step you can take to improve diversity in your management, or inclusion in your activities will improve your service for all. 

“Have you thought about diversity?  Or Inclusion?  Do you know what makes your service accessible?  Are there things you know you could be putting in place that would make a difference?  Why not add it to the agenda for your next management or staff meeting, and take that first step.”