Disability Grants – a website providing information and resources about grants for people with a disability

If you’re looking for a grants for a project or service that benefits people with a disability, the Disability Grants website may be a useful resource.

The site was founded a number of years ago by Julia Tyrrell, who is the mother of a disabled child. Julia started the site after becoming frustrated by the lack of accessible information on grants for disabled students and parents of disabled children.

The Disability Grants website provides a search function and a link to popular pages, including:

o Grants for Children.
o Grants for Families.
o Grants for Adults.
o Holiday grants.
o Grants for Disability Equipment, and
o Grants for Housing.

Apart from lots of other useful resources on the website, you can also sign up to receive a newsletter by email and join the Disability Grants Facebook page.

For further information, please visit the Disability Grants website. Please note that we haven’t checked the site’s grant pages for how up to date or accurate the entries are. We know from producing our own Grants Database that funding opportunities change on a daily basis, and keeping up with changes can be challenging, so please make sure you research each grant prospect for accuracy before applying. Many grant-providers will have their own website, but for those that don’t, the best source of information is likely to be the Charity Commission website.