Details of the 14 projects awarded grants in Phase 1 of the Windrush Community Fund (Phase 2 is currently open to applications with a deadline of 30 June 2021)

The Windrush Community Fund provides up to £500,000 of financial support available to charity, community or grassroots organisations across the UK to fund projects which raise awareness of the Windrush Scheme (documentation), the Windrush Compensation Scheme or both.

Applications for Phase 1 funding opened from December 2020 to February 2021, with funding awarded to the 14 projects listed below in March 2021.

Applications for Phase 2 of the programme opened on 1 April and will close on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Further details about Phas2 and how to apply can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Successful Phase 1 projects were:

o Butetown Community Association, Cardiff: £24,949
This project will host online presentations, discussions and, post-COVID-19, face-to-face events and surgeries aimed at African and Caribbean communities. Additionally, they will share information about the Windrush Schemes via their social media channels such as Facebook.

o Chapeltown & Harehills Learning Project: £5,000
Targeting people from Sikh, Bangladeshi and West Indian backgrounds, the project will produce flyers and use social media channels. Post-Covid-19 face-to-face awareness presentations by professional advisors will be supported with direct one-to-one support.

o Chat’s Place, London: £21,826
Using archived information, the project will make films and arrange talks to raise awareness among people of Muslim, Indian, Asian and African-Caribbean backgrounds.

o Citizen’s Outreach Coalition, Merseyside and Liverpool: £16,240
A multimedia awareness project that will target people from Commonwealth countries, particularly African and Caribbean migrants and their descendants living in Merseyside. The project will seek to raise awareness via videos, radio, newspaper, online and social media channels.

o Collage Arts, London: £16,240
An intergenerational project, incorporating animated films targeted at African, Caribbean and other community groups, delivered via radio stations and social media channels. Printed material will be strategically placed in public spaces.

o Derby West Indian Community Association, Derby: £25,000
This project will generate awareness of the Windrush Schemes through the programming of live and virtual events. It will make use of cultural and archived sources and produce new art that will culminate in an exhibition at Derby West Indian Community Association and Derby Museum. The project will conduct sessions creating a safe environment for people to share experiences. It will raise its profile by networking with carnivals or alternative online events that attract the attention of people from commonwealth countries.

o Humber All Nations Alliance, Hull: £16,500
A project seeking to generate awareness and address concerns of people from BAME communities through a series of promotional events and by distributing printed material. Further activities will include collaboration with media outlets, churches and community groups.

o Mission Diverse CIC, Birmingham: £23,782
The project will embark on an education campaign designed to reach people from BAME communities through advertisements on buses, community workshops and printed materials (flyers, stickers etc). A series of workshops will coincide with key events such as Black History Month and Jamaica Independence Day and Commonwealth Day.

o Pilgrim Charitable Trust, Nottingham: £20,000
This project aims to run promotional campaigns, reaching out to people of African descent and those from other Commonwealth countries. Engagement events will be accommodated by a network of churches and stalls at social events. Other engagement will include a range of social media and online events.

o RAFFA International, Birmingham: £15,515
Using its network of volunteers, the project will interact with community groups and large church communities reaching out to tens of thousands of potential Windrush Schemes applicants. A programme of symposiums, workshops and presentations will initially be delivered online.

o St Vincent and Grenadines 2nd Generation, Buckinghamshire: £24,640
The project will raise awareness of the Schemes through short films and advertisements containing extracts from long-standing public figures from within the African-Caribbean community. These events will be supported by printed material and social media engagement.

o The African Pot Project, Manchester: £9,040
An intergenerational project, incorporating animated films targeted at African, Caribbean and other community groups, delivered via radio stations and social media channels. Printed material will be strategically placed in public spaces.

o Therapy4Healing, London: £23,539
Aproject run by direct descendants of the Windrush generation from the Caribbean, utilising established health and wellbeing events, church networks and celebrity connections to raise awareness among local community members. Further engagement will be via social media and a 24/7 support system.

o Waltham Forest, Antigua, Barbuda, and Dominica Twinning Association, London: £22,820
Having strong links with Caribbean communities, this intergenerational project will offer a series of online events, surgeries and drop-in sessions to raise awareness of the Schemes. They will extend their reach to affected communities through a dedicated webpage and other printed material.

Image: the Humber All Nations Alliance, awarded a grant of £16,500 in Phase 1 of the Windrush Community Fund.