COVID-19 responses by grant providers (N-Z)

This week, up to tomorrow’s bank holiday, we’re posting details of around 90 grant providers that have amended, updated or suspended their grant-making activities following the onset on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While this isn’t an exclusive list (other COVID-19 funds are available), it does provide an indication of how some grant-making Trusts have reacted to the coronavirus.

All of the funds listed have been featured in our daily grants bulletin (details on the GRIN website). This is the final listing of the sequence, covering funders from N-Z, together with a few stragglers we omitted from previous updates. 

Please note: the funding landscape has been changing fairly rapidly over the last couple of months, so we strongly advise following the website link for each funding source provided to check its current status.

59. The Angus Irvine Playing Field Fund, which is designed to increase opportunities for young people in disadvantaged areas to play outdoor sport, has closed to applications until further notice due to COVID-19.
The British and Foreign School Society, which provides funding for education and training projects for children and young people up to the age of 25 in the UK and around the world, has suspended its Spring 2020 funding round due to COVID-19.
61. The British Council runs a funding programme to connect schools internationally. While it hopes to continue as many of its activities as possible, a COVID-19 statement on its website says that some programmes may need to be placed on hold.
The news that Debenhams is calling in administrators may lead to the closure of its Charitable Foundation, which has the following charitable objectives: “to fund causes that focus on preserving and protecting health and relieving financial hardships primarily, but not exclusively, by making grants”.
The National Art Collections Fund also has a COVID-19 statement on its website to the effect that it is doing all it can at this time to support UK galleries and museums through its Art Fund. However, its Museum of the Year Competition for 2020 has been postponed.
64. The National Lottery Heritage Fund has placed the following announcement of its website in relation to its Heritage Horizons Award programme: “Update 1 April 2020: in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, organisations that have been selected to apply for Heritage Horizon Awards will be given more time and deferred until the 2021/22 financial year. We will not be opening a further round of funding for Heritage Horizon Awards.
65. The One Stop Shop Carriers for Causes campaign has issued a COVID-19 statement on its website saying that the funding programme, which provides small grants for a wide range of community initiatives within the vicinity on a One Stop Shop, has now closed to applications.

66. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, a provider of grants for to 3 years for arts, education, learning and social justice initiatives for people aged up to 30, has introduced a £20 million COVID-19 Emergency Fund.
67. The Peter Harrison Foundation provides people who are disabled or disadvantaged with access to sporting opportunities, has placed a COVID-19 reassurance statement on its website to say that its funding programmes remain open as normal.
68. The Plunkett Foundation has announced that the ‘More Than A Pub‘ programme has been suspended because of COVID-19.
69. Power to Change has suspended all its current programmes, including the Community Business Fund.
70. The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation, which provides funding support for issues the Prince of Wales takes an active interest in (namely, arts and culture, education and young people, conservation and heritage, environmental sustainability, community support, health and hospices, religion, emergency relief, and the welfare of service personnel) has also been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.
71. The Printing Charity is also on record as stating that it will continue to help individuals in need at this time. The Charity helps individuals or dependent families who have worked for three years in an organisation that produces a printed output, for example – printing, publishing, manufacturing or operating presses, driving, cleaning, advertising, photography, graphic arts, making ink, recycling paper.
72. The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, a provider of funding for schemes to improve public highways, is another funding scheme that has temporarily closed due to COVID-19.
73. The Ragdoll Foundation, which supports the creation, appreciation and awareness of imaginative and innovative content that reflects the world from a child’s point of view, with an emphasis on early years, has stated that it is keeping to its scheduled application timetable. The Foundation will shortly be launching a new Small Grants Programme for grants of up to £1,500 supporting smaller or pilot projects. The first two deadlines will be Friday 8 May 2020 for projects beginning in July (summer holiday projects) and Friday 3 July 2020 for projects beginning in September (new academic year).
74. The Resilient Communities Fund, available in central southern England (including parts of South West England, for example Chippenham, Cirencester, Dorchester, Frome, Swindon, Trowbridge and Yeovil) and the North of Scotland, is being dedicated to supporting not-for-profits through the coronavirus pandemic. A map showing eligible areas is available on the link above.
75. The Road Safety Trust has suspended its grant-making due to COVID-19.
76. The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has a statement on its website saying that it will do all it can to support frontline charities during the coronavirus.
77. The Royal Navy Benevolent Fund, which funds voluntary and community organisations working to support ex-Navy personnel and their families across the UK, is providing an emergency support fund in response to COVID-19.
78. The Schroder Charity, a funder of activities in the areas of health and welfare, young people and education, community, arts and culture, heritage, the environment and international relief and development, has said that it is still accepting applications for its Spring grants round. The deadline is Thursday 30 April.
79. The Scout Association has suspended all its grant-making activities.
80. The Swimathon Foundation has just introduced a COVID-19 relief fund for swimming schools.
81. The Thomas Wall Trust, which provides small grants up to £5,000 to registered charities working to improve employment prospects through confidence building learning activities, is remaining open to applications throughout COVID-19.
82. Social welfare grant provider, the Treebeard Trust, has a COVID-19 statement on its website.
83. Tesco’s Bags of Help COVID-19 Fund has been inundated with applications and is now only open in certain areas.
84. The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, which places a focus on supporting local projects in urban and rural areas of high deprivation, has suspended its grant-making activities.
85. Tycoon in Schools, a social entrepreneurship programme for school age children and young people, has extended its Spring Trading Window to Friday 3 July 2020.
86.The Variety Club has stated that it is still accepting applications for equipment grants, although a response may be delayed due to the coronavirus.
87. Western Power Distribution is inviting applications from registered charities, community groups, town and parish councils, and local authorities within its network area of South West England, West Wales, and the East and West Midlands to its £500,000 COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. Grants up to £10,000 are available.
88. Christian-based funder, Westhill Endowment, remains open for applications.
89. WiFi4EU, an EUI programme designed to make WiFi freely available in settlements across Europe, including the UK, has placed its final call on hold.
90. Wilkinson (Wilko) Stores, which has a budget to distribute to projects or schemes within the community in which its stores are located, is still open as a retailer during the crisis and may still be able to accept requests for support from charitable organisations through its Helping Hands scheme. A Wilko store locator is available at this link.