Contract Opportunity: Bude Climate Partnership seeks to appoint an external evaluator for the project ‘Resilient Bude’ (contract value £60,000; application deadline 28th July 2023)

The Bude Climate Partnership has been awarded a grant of £1,995,503.67 for the period 2023–2027 from the National Lottery Community Fund’s Climate Action Fund and is inviting applications for the tender detailed below. The total budget for this contract, including all expenses, and inclusive of VAT over 5 years, is £60,000.

The deadlines for proposals is midnight on Friday 28th July 2023. 

We would be grateful if you could share details of this opportunity to tender with anyone in your networks  who may be interested in finding our more or submitting a proposal. 

Many thanks to Peter Smith of the Bude Climate Partnership for contacting us with details about this exciting opportunity.

Further details about the work of the Bude Climate Partnership can be found on its website.

The invitation to tender reads:

Evaluation Tender


Bude Climate Partnership is a collaboration between 13 local environmental and community
organisations that have come together to deliver the project ‘Resilient Bude’.

Funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund for five years to 31 December 2027, this
innovative programme of 6 projects is designed to help residents and businesses in the Bude
Community Network Area prepare for and protect themselves and their surroundings against the
vast uncertainties that lie ahead because of climate change.

The six projects cover:

• Sustainable tourism.
• Shoreline engagement.
• Energy efficiency.
• A Library of things.
• Community growing, and
• Community storytelling.

You can read more about our projects on the Partnership’s website (htps://

The intended top-level outcomes of the program are:

• To increase knowledge and understanding of climate issues within our communities.
• To increase the resilience of our communities to the impacts of climate change, and
• To reduce our communities’ impacts on climate change.

External Evaluation

“Bude Climate Partnership is looking to appoint an external evaluator to:

• Work with us to coproduce a multi-method evaluation framework that is proportonate and limits the burden on the project team.
• Work with us to develop a story of change.
• Carry out the evaluation actvity that we develop in the framework; this may include
fieldwork and gathering of secondary data.
• Create an annual evaluation report to analyse how well we are achieving our outcomes, and
to inform our future delivery, and
• Create an overall evaluation report to analyse how well we achieved our outcomes over the
five years of the project.

“We expect these reports to be delivered in a range of formats suitable for us to share with a range of
audiences and stakeholders:

• Our community.
• Our project funders.
• Our internal use.
• Other communities facing similar challenges to us, and
• Statutory Organisations.


The tourism project is being evaluated separately by Exeter University’s Sustainable Tourism
programme. We would expect the evaluators to liaise with them to avoid duplication and to add
value to both evaluations.

“Our total budget for this contract, including all expenses, is £60,000 inclusive of VAT over 5 years.

“To allow for additional costs in the first year and at completion, the budget for Years 1 and 5 is 20%
and 40% respectively of the total budget, with the remainder shared equally over Years 2–4.

“We have been working with a local film maker to make our projects accessible to our community. We
would expect the evaluators to liaise with him to produce an annual summary of each year, the film
maker is funded from a separate budget. Examples of his previous films can be viewed HERE

‘Resilient Bude’ builds on the learning from our development project ‘Bude Together’. This included a
community carbon audit, transport survey, local food study and sustainable tourism study. We also
developed a range of toolkits for engaging with older members of the community, which can be seen
on the Bude Climate Partnership website (htps://

“Our staff team is available to evaluators to share information about our activities and events, and so
that the evaluators can embed data capture into our delivery.

“Our project proposal is available to potential bidders on completion of an NDA. Please email

Application Process

Please submit a proposal consisting of an overview of methodology and timeline which clearly
outlines how you would meet our requirements. This should consist of no more than 10 pages of A4
(minimum font 11 points). In addition, please provide CVs and any other relevant information in the
appendices of your proposal.

As a minimum, the following elements should be included in your proposal:

• Details of the proposed methodology.
• A brief overview of your organisation’s experience, including examples of similar research or
evaluation projects you have delivered and two references from customers.
• Details of the team working on the research, including their roles and relevant experience
• Arrangements for project managing the research, and quality assuring the deliverables.
• Timetable for delivery.
• A breakdown of costs for undertaking the research, including a breakdown of time and costs
per activity showing the split of active fieldwork, data collection and report writing, and
• Your approach to the security of data and compliance with GDPR

Proposals should be emailed to

The deadline is midnight on Friday 28th July 2023.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an online interview during the week beginning 7th August 2023.