Charity Hall of Fame opens nominations for its inaugural class of UK Changemakers (deadline for nominations: 20th September 2024)

Charity Hall of Fame has opened nominations for its inaugural class of changemakers who will be inducted into the Hall in 2025.

Drawing inspiration from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Charity Hall celebrates exceptional community changemakers in the UK, with a mission to collect and share the stories of individuals who have transformed communities for the better, to inspire for future generations.

Nominations can be made by filling out the Nomination Form on the Charity Hall of Fame website by the closing date of midnight on Friday 20 September 2024.

Currently UK only, the hope is to eventually recognise changemakers from across the world. Charity Hall of Fame is seeking individuals past and present who have demonstrated significant positive social impact across various categories. Nominations can be made for one of the following categories only:

o Community Impact: for those who’ve made a big difference in their field, especially in service settings, whether by helping people directly, bringing communities together, or driving significant community change.
o Social Pioneers: for those – such as social leaders or founders – who were the first to tackle an issue or bring about change in their field or community.
o Justice & Equality: for campaigners or policymakers who have worked hard to fight inequality or injustice, leading to changes in laws, policies, or to raising awareness.
o Philanthropy: for outstanding funders and donors who have made significant changes through their donations or funding, supporting causes in innovative or collaborative ways. We’re including donors of time, skills and resources in this category too.

Charity Hall wants to inspire the next generation of community changemakers, so each category will also recognise:

o Young Changemakers: ideally aged 11-25, but up to 30 years old considered.

Nominees must be based in the UK. Charity Hall of Fame will also look at whether their impact is:

o Local – focused on a specific community or area.
o Regional – impacting more than one area, but not national.
o National – aiming for or having a national impact (across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or UK-wide).
o International – impacting beyond the UK but must be based in the UK and ideally (but not essentially) have originated in the UK.

o Historical/Posthumous nominations are welcome in each category.

Further information is available on the Charity Hall of Fame website.

Source: UK Fundraising