Charities providing best and worst legacy information named

Animal charities the PDSA and RSPCA, together with Macmillan Cancer Support have come top of a league table ranking charities according to how good supporters perceive them to be at providing legacy information.

While PDSA, RSPCA and Macmillan performed best, with index scores of 165, 152, and 147, at the bottom were Royal British Legion, Salvation Army and NSPCC, with index scores of 49, 41, and 38.

The Communicating Legacy Information analysis, which is free to download at this LINK (please note that registration is required first) has been compiled by online market research agency fastmap and Freestyle Marketing from the fastmap Legacy Premier League 2018/2019 and lists the top 25 charities, focusing on how supporters feel about the information available from specific charities about leaving them a legacy.

Overall, the Legacy Premier League 2018/19 questioned 10,000 people aged over 50 on more than 100 charities and which ones they would leave a legacy to as well as the reasons why they would or would not do so, looking at 15 barriers in total.

The analysis shows little correlation between the top charities in this latest ranking, and the top 20 charities to which supporters are most likely to consider leaving a legacy.

Many of the Premier League’s top 20, such as Cancer Research UK and RNLI, average or below average, which fastmap suggests means there are opportunities for some of these highest performing charities to do even better.

There is also no obvious theme or type of charity that is performing well or badly, with animal charities, health charities and development organisations both at the top and towards the bottom of the ranking.

David Cole, Managing Director of fastmap commented:

Some charities feel nervous even raising the subject of legacy with supporters, but the provision of information is something any charity should feel comfortable doing. Legacy fundraisers can underestimate how complex leaving a gift in a will to a charity seems to a supporter. Helpful information can be an important step in raising the subject.

“What this report shows is the wide variance of performance of this important metric. Legacy fundraising is highly competitive and charities as a minimum need to be getting the basics right and talking to their supporters about the subject, or others will be and they will lose out.”

Source: UK Fundraising