Biopage invites entries to its Storytelling Writing Contest (deadline for entries: 31st January 2024)

Biopage, a social networking platform for writers, that operates out of Tennessee in the United States, is currently hosting a Storytelling Writing Contest to remind people of the benefits of writing (please note that you may need to create an account in order to access further information about Biopage or the Storytelling Competition).

The deadline for entries to the competition, which is open to all countries, is Wednesday 31st January 2023.

Biopage encourages people to write their story, including a biography page to introduce yourself in your own words, and updating posts for important events and life experiences. It is a social networking place for writers. 

The Storytelling Writing Contest is designed to remind people of how writing can benefit wellbeing and mental health, as well as improving the ability to communicate through writing. .

With economic slowdown, social and political issues and setbacks, Biopage are keen to hear your feel-good stories!

Pick your best story and picture to participate in the storytelling writing contest.

Prize Information

o You can win $300 (£235), and five runners-up can win $100 each. (They decided to change the prize amount and award numbers, because they received so many excellent essays and wanted to give awards to more writers).

o The winners will be determined by the quality of the writing, and the votes by other users’ likes and comments.
o The contest is open to anyone from everywhere, every country, every corner of the world.
o Each story (or once chapter of your stories) is limited to 5,000 characters or roughly 1,000 words.

For further information, please visit the Biopage website.