Award winning Cornish charity, Drama Express, releases a song with a powerful message about the acceptance of identity!

This is a lovely way to start our daily news items after Easter, Drama Express is a fantastic  multi-award winning charity which operates out of Hayle in Cornwall, providing opportunities for young people with additional support needs to access the performing arts.  Simon Allison, the Artistic Director of the charity, has asked us to feature the following item:

“Drama Express has released a song with a powerful message about the acceptance of identity!

The award winning Cornish charity for young people with disabilities celebrates individuality through the performing arts.

Musical contributions include keyboards from Ruby who is both deaf and blind. The young people in the group wrote all the lyrics.

“Titled ‘It’s OK to be Different‘ the video features footage from the Drama Express documentary of the same title.

Simon Allison, Founder and Artistic Director of the charity commented:

The song is definitely a statement about resilience in a world where disability is not easy to live with, especially as a young person. The talents of the young people shine through with both the vocals and musical production.

“The link to the video is:

Drama Express ‘It’s OK to be Different’ (song) – YouTube

“If you’d like to make contact with Drama Express or find more out its work, please contact”